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Ionix™ Static Eliminators

Eliminate Static in Paper Feeders

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The Ionix™ Static Eliminator utilises a unique means of neutralising static in materials. This new technology allows compressed air to act as an electrical conductor in controlled and confined spaces after being forced through the Ionix unit.

When blower air passes through the Ionix™ Static Eliminator, the air is made electrically dissipative. When that Ionix treated air is then blown between the sheets of paper, the static charged sheets discharge through the Ionix™ air and the sheets electrically seperate.

The Ionix™ Static Eliminator is environmentally friendly, requires no electricity or maintenance and is recommened by GAIN, the Graphic Arts Information Network. Simply install the unit in the feeder air line or spray powder air line and forget about it.

Ionix is proven technology with over 20,000 installations at printers worldwide!

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